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add more cryptocurrencies

Luno South Africa country manager Marius Reitz has affirmed the cryptocurrency exchange stance on adding support for other cryptocurrencies.

Speaking coque coque spigen samsung a7 iphone 4 keep calm and be a princess at Blockchain Entrepreneurs Club South Africa (BECSA) Chain Reaction event in Johannesburg, Reitz addressed the platform approach to its cryptocurrency wallet, and its future plans.

Reitz said he coque iphone 5 angleterre believes we are 5 10 years away from cryptocurrency taking over as a world currency, and that users should have equal access to the next generation of currency.

us at Luno, the most important thing is to create an coque iphone 5 noir et or open and equal system for all, he said.

He said that greedy investors were good for the cryptocurrency industry, as they cause network development and public awareness to increase coque iphone 5c stilinski at a faster rate.

people coque silicone galaxy a7 2018 samsung provide liquidity to the ecosystem and accelerate the network effects, Reitz said.

time a greedy person buys designer coque iphone cryptocurrency, that person buys into the industry and makes it coque iphone 4s keith haring possible for coque iphone 5 marc jacobs miroir us to continue with research, development, coque iphone 5 futurama and scaling.

Luno has coque iphone silicone souple made this decision for both accessibility and security reasons.

are not currently adding more tokens to our platform, Reitz said.

He said that increasing the number coque samsung a7 rinoshield of tokens available on the cryptocurrency exchange adds another layer of complexity, which could coque iphone 5 vw gti discourage newcomers.

adding more altcoins, we magasin paris coque iphone 6 are increasing coque iphone 5c laval the complexity of our operations, coque iphone hommer as everything needs to become more complex, Reitz said.

a first timer, that person will be confronted with five different altcoins and coque iphone 4 nouveauté will coque iphone 6s occasion think one do coque samsung galaxy a7 2018 transparente I go for’ said that at this coque coque protection samsung a7 2018 iphone 4s allume cigare stage, Luno is working on making its app, platform, and cryptocurrency wallet as easy to use and safe as possible.

He said that the platform could definitely support additional cryptocurrencies, coque iphone 5s rick and morty but the exchange is choosing to focus on security and accessibility instead.

not saying that we won ever add more altcoins, Reitz said. could add 10 20 altcoins in the next month if we coque iphone 4s$ wanted to, but it would not be the responsible thing to do at this stage. read:Sony’s coque samsung a7 2018 football new DRM system will be built on blockchain..


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