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OnePlus 6 Mirror Black

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After a week of using the One Plus 6, I find this phone amazing to use. I won’t go for a spec listing. You can coque samsung galaxy s4 mini danseuse get it from websites.

I preferred to buy this even after knowing 6T was being launched was because 6T coque iphone 6s fox has very little upgrades and costs 10k more.

Note to people using high end Samsung phones You would really hate the display ,compared to Note 8/9 or s8/s9 ,this display is a joke. but overall coque iphone nude this phone has great value for money

Originally, I have a One plus 3T. As an upgrade, I went for the Honor 10 on Flipkart. Flipkart, however, made a coque iphone jack and jones mess with the delivery. Please read my Flipkart review recently for details. I had to cancel the phone. The next choice after using the One plus 3T was obviously OP6.

One Plus 6 Features

The pleasant surprise for me coque iphone 6 absolut vodka was definitely the large 19: 9 aspect ratio FHD screen. It’s a 6.28 inches display but still easy to hold and use with one hand mostly. Being a AMOLED display, the colors are very vibrant even in sunlight. coque iphone 7 plus et 8 plus compatible I love using it for social media ( Instagram, FB, WhatsApp) since coque iphone 6 guingamp its longer screen can fit in a number of feeds. I also enjoy reading with it. Videos in coque iphone souple personnalisé full view even with the notch are amazing to watch.

The coolest feature in the display is doing away with the physical keys or the software keys. Swiping from dessin sur coque iphone left or right bottom to the middle takes you back. Swiping from the bottom to coque iphone 5 5s the middle and holding gives you recent apps. coque iphone 5s bijoux The problem I face is when using the keyboard very fast while typing. It just goes home sometimes which can be irritating. It’s just getting confused between the typing and the gesture to go home I think. I use the swiftkey keyboard dragging to avoid it but OP must improve this gesture.

The os is very fast thanks to it being very bloatware free and using the Snapdragon 845. There is no lag whatsoever and it is a pleasure using this phone.

Fast charging is awesome on this phone. You are all set even if you charge for half an hour to get to 60% approximately. Very handy in today’s fast paced life. I loved the addition of slow motion capture on the primary camera which works well. However, you need bright lighting for it to work well.

Fingerprint and face recognition features are super fast to use. Its small thoughtful things like the option of the screen lighting up in the dark to recognize your face and unlock is what makes this device a compelling one. Speaker is mono and functional to use. Its audio via headphones is amazing, however.

Another welcome addition is true dual VOLTE support. You can have two Jio Sims running in parallel here. This means people calling your Jio number when you’re an idea or Vodafone data connection is active will be able to connect with you. Both Sims can remain on 4g…


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